Hailing from all 4 corners of New England the Granite are comprised of some of the most handsome players you will ever see! Let us know who your favorite player is!!!

Peter “Leaky” Duda – The Godfather. The founder of the Granite who loves the game. A gentleman on and off the field who is the truest lover of the game.

Brian “Flask” Donohue – The Captain. Granite player since 1875 (2006). Primary position: catcher.

Brian “Hustle” Prusak – Granite player since 1874. In and out of retirement Hustle can show the young guys a thing or two.

Michael “Utah” O’Connor – On loan from the Garda this Irish lad is the strength and conditioning and right fielder for the Granite. Team player since 1874.

Shawn “Lefty” Barry – an actual baseball talent. Sean always provided the laughs on the bench but there was no laughing when this fireballer took the mound.

“Honest” Don Cederquist – A transplant from Michigan this man holds down first with his large mitts. Mr. High Zone, Don has been a member of the team since 1877.

Ryan “Tank” Cochran – An amateur trainman tank brings a strong bat and ability to play all over the field to the team. An offseason pick up in 1880 Ryan has been a strong addition to the team

Pat “Mop” Cochran – A newsman he brings a certain je ne sais quoi to the team. A team member since 1880 he forms part of the Cochran Trio.

Glenn “Doc” Cochran – A smart fella with a doctorate Doc brings great sportsmanship and hustle to the team. The owner of the cochran speed he has been a member of the Granite since 1880.

Collin “Stumpy” Miller – The forester who has ventured out west to tame the NY expanse. A member of the Granite since 1881, Collin will return from time to time to bolster the squad.

Stephen “Teach” Pascucci – The man of many talents, who can hit from both sides of the plate, Teach has been a member of the Granite since 1881.

Nicholas “Wheels” Pascucci – The other half of the powerful Pascucci tandem Nick has been a member of the Granite since 1882 and bring great speed and hands to the team.

Steven “Sabre” Smith – Loves the uniforms, strong lefty hitter, and great hurler for the Granite. Thats Sabre!

Jason “The Kid” Colwell – Jason makes plays seem routine at 3rd and has an even strong bat. A 16 year old call up for the Granite in 1881 Jason proved his worth very quickly.

Tolin “The Model” Vaccaro – Tolin always brings the fan, photographers, etc to the game. Pure speed and a talent at any position. Rollin rejoins the team in 1886.

Shea “Butter” Vaccaro – The master of song and second base this Granite player had one magical season in 1882.

Jonah “Slim’ Hurlbert – This long distance man was a centerpiece of a Granite outfield from 1879-1884.

Judson “The Judge” Swinimer – The all around lefty was traded to the Granite for a satchel of base balls…..and what a steal it was for the Granite. A Granite since 1879 the Judge can pitch, play outfield, and 1st base.

Ryan “Smitty” Smith – This Granite hurler threw more gravity curves than any other player in Granite history. Now a brewmaster the day will come when Smitty returns.

Dan “Hook” Cook – Great speed in the outfield and a good fill in for photo shoots when Tolin is unable to attend.

Carter – Hit the furthest ball in Granite history. One name is all it takes